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Most exotic cars of earth. Name a car and you’d see it within the course of daily. So that it speaks volumes that the Audi Q8 holds its own in this glamorous setting. Audi’s flagship SUV is large on display worth; something that I’m convinced will resonate with its target clientele of reddish carpet regulars.

Only marginally shorter and lower (but also wider) than a Q7, the Q8 is a great deal of SUV. And upfront, you will see a great deal of grille. It functions on the big and bold Q8. Sharply cut headlights with Matrix LED tech and sporty air intakes add to its chiseled face. The Q8 has a squat stance, the flared fenders add muscle, and that which makes it appear particularly distinctive is that the chunky C-pillar whose rake hyperlinks it to Audi’s Quattro rally cars from the past.

What’s good to know is that Audi won’t hold back on rim sizes for India. Offered in a variety of layouts, 21-inches will be standard, with 22-inches offered as an option too. There’ll also be over 50 body color alternatives, as well as a range of interior themes to pick from. Audi’s idea is that no two Q8s in India should appear the same, outside or in.

Audi Q8 Interior Review

Doors with frameless windows include more exotic appeal to the Q8, however, there’s also a sense of familiarity on the inside. The SUV sport Audi’s new-age dual-touchscreen infotainment system setup, so the total appearance of the dashboard is not too far removed from what we’ve observed in the A6 already. It’s a point of notice as opposed to a reason for a complaint because the touchscreens, together with the superb Virtual Cockpit digital dials, make the cottage seem cutting-edge. However, you do want some time to familiarise yourself with the infotainment system’s interface. Haptic feedback does help, and you’re able to get using voice commands for lots of functions, but bodily buttons for essentials such as climate control would make life simpler.

Audi q8 Interior Review
Audi q8 Interior Review

Dash is a new-age Audi. The interior will find a range of trim choices.
Otherwise, the Q8 cottage is brilliantly done. Overall quality is impeccable, the richly trimmed front seats provide loads of adjustment, as well as things like the adjustable ambient lighting, do much for the encounter inside.

You can stretch at the back. There’s enough headroom as well.
The chauffeur-driven have much to like also. There is immense legroom in the back, there is more headroom than the sloping roofline could have indicated, and you even get the option to adjust the backrest recline to your liking. However, a broad center tube means that the middle-seat experience is not the comfiest. So, if you often travel with a complete house, you’ll be better off using a Q7 which also gives the versatility of the third row of chairs. The absence of a third-row does imply the Q8 offers loads of space for luggage, 605 minutes to be precise.

Audi Q8 Engine Performance Review

The engine instantly shines because of its refinement about the steady speed drive on the expressway from Dubai city. There’s ready access to electricity, and getting up to the speed limit only requires a flex of my foot. The 8-speed automatic gearbox can also be fast to gauge driving mode, settling to get the overdrive gears to the cruise that constitutes much of this route. It is about the camera-free side streets by the desert I get to experience all that the motor has to offer you. The V6 has a wonderful snarl and the construct of speed is powerful, but what’s missing is that hard push back into my seat. Before you ask, there won’t be a petrol Q8 in India.

On the few corners around, the Q8 participates with great poise and very balanced managing for something so large and heavy. And the drive modes offer you enough ways to have fun with powertrain, steering, and air suspension configurations. Dubai’s perfectly surfaced roads are far removed from what we come back home, so let me gloss over the part of ride quality. I will tell you is that the standard air suspension comes across as well damped. Astonishingly, the 21-inch rims do not rattle the Q8 on the few cobblestone paths. Hopefully, our potholes won’t prove to be a bother either. When things get very bad, it’s handy that you can increase ride height.


Those who see the Q8 merely as a Q7 in fancy clothes will find it difficult to digest the estimated Rs 1.5 crore price tag. But this SUV is not intended to be a volume product in India. On the contrary, the Q8’s appeal in India, Audi says, will probably be in its exclusivity. Built-to-spec and loaded with goodies, this is an SUV designed for people who need their car to be noticed, and don’t mind paying the big dollars for this.

The first Q7 was once the ride of choice to India’s celebs and industrialists. Something Tells me the Q8 could take that mantle.


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