Maintaining your car is a very important step that every car owner has to follow to and make it look brand new like it came from the dealer. Always follow the maintenance schedule for your car, so your car will always perform at its best.

You will identify areas that require immediate attention along with others which you can take care of afterward. As you replace old or worn parts, your automobile will likely not breakdown or cause major issues, saving you thousands of dollars.

Preventive maintenance is the ideal way to start. You can do most of the regularly scheduled maintenance yourself if you would like. The very best way to keep your car and yourself happy is to follow your owner’s guide regularly scheduled maintenance.

Important Car Maintenance Tips

Assess Your Air Filter
Many car problems are because of clogged air filters or fittings. The air filter prevents dirt and allergens from entering the engine. During combustion your engine needs air, and also a clogged filter may impact performance.

You should get your filters changed every 12 months or following 12000 miles, whichever occurs quickly. Do not ignore this upkeep as it might lead to problems in your car engine or car cabin as you also breathe air that is filtered by the inner cabin air filter.

car air filter
car air filter

You can get the filter replaced in your mechanic or the comfort of your garage in just 10 minutes. By doing this yourself, you can save yourself the trip to the mechanic and also some cash. Here is how you can do it yourself:

  1. First, find your filter which is situated from the hood of the car. It is in a dark rectangular box, which could have metal clips used to help keep it closed. You can see it as soon as you pop the hood. If you don’t find it there, then check the operator’s manual for aid.
  2. After finding it, remove the casing and also observe how the air filter fits indoors. It’s very important to note the direction of the filter. Take note of the directions of the filter and then eliminate it.
  3. When the filter is mostly clean, you can clean out debris out of your filter with a compressed atmosphere. This can improve the life span of the filter and also help your engine run efficiently. Then place back in the same way.
  4. When the filter is dirty, removing it and add the new filter exactly the same way the old one match and in precisely the same direction. You may observe it will sit perfectly into its housing. (Be sure it’s the correct filter type)
  5. Now close the air filter casing after you’re finished. Make sure it fits properly, just like the filter. You’re done.
  6. Inspect Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly.
  7. Tires are one of the most essential components of your car for safety, efficiency, and comfort. Getting in the habit of assessing the tires regularly can help you to save money and time.

Inspect Fluids and Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure, wheel balance, and regular tire spinning will allow you to get a comfortable and secure drive. Your tires will last a little longer and it is simple to add atmosphere and examine the pressure yourself.

In case your not in the habit of checking in your automobile tires you can start with setting a monthly date on the calendar to check them.

Together with the tires, you can get into the habit of checking automobile fluids.

All you have to do is open the hood once the engine cooled down and remove the oil dipstick. Clean it thoroughly and then place it back again. Now when you pull it out you will observe the oil is up to a specific degree. Check that it is at the proper level. Also, check the oil color and replace the oil in regular upkeep intervals.

After warming up your car check the transmission fluid level also.

Conduct a review of the fluids and tires regularly for the best performance of your car.

Check Your Car Battery

I’ve had my car battery cease functioning. Everything sounded fine then my car just would not start. We all may be confronted with a situation like this, where we are left stranded someplace. It would not be interesting if I had been stranded at night with only my cell phones.

checking your car battery
checking your car battery

To prevent this I can check my car battery. I will first check the wires and their link to the terminals. You can check for leakage or any mineral development around the wires and terminals. Clean the terminal with a battery cleanup brush when necessary and you can always apply dielectric grease to help them remain corrosion-free.

With a multimeter using the engine off, you can check if the battery is charged fully (about 12.4 to 12.7 volts). When the car is one you can carefully assess the voltage. It ought to be approximately 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

If the battery is low, it may be the alternator. To check this you can begin the engine and turn on your lights.

Change Your Car Spark Plugs

If you notice that your motor is not functioning efficiently, then the reason could be the spark plugs. If not checked, they can wear out and be covered in a buildup.

If your vehicle isn’t performing and it generally does, you may want to check the spark plugs and spark plug wires if they are old. If you find they are in bad shape, replace them to get better performance. Spark plugs usually last for 30,000+ miles; see the operator’s manual to learn more.

Rotate your car Tires

This is the easiest trick in the book to prevent wearing of tires and cause them to last longer, and the trick is to receive them rotated about every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. All tires do not wear at precisely the same quantity. Therefore by rotating the front and back tires, then you balance the wear and also make them longer wearing.

Make sure that the tires of your automobile will also be aligned. Non-aligned tires may cause problems with the steering. It may even make you eliminate control of your vehicle and cause a crash.

 Clean your Windshields and fix the Wipers

A dirty windshield can prove to be a lot of hassle when you can not see clearly. If they aren’t cleaned frequently they can cause visual impairments and can result in accidents occasionally.

The driver needs to have a very clear view of the road for driving. If you don’t wash them, the dirt and particle can accumulate and scratch the windshield when you use the wipers.

If the rainy season is coming, check your wipers and get them replaced if necessary. Using damaged wipers may cause scratches on the glass and obstruct your opinion, which could lead the necessity to replace your entire windshield.

Inspect and Replace Serpentine Belts

If these belts fail, they can cause damage to the motor parts, making a little priced item that has to be replaced turn into a huge bill. If you get regular care, your automobile dealer service center should inform you when it is time to replace the belt. It’s recommended to have it checked every 60,000 miles but you should look at the owner’s manual to find the best advice for your car. Fixing a belt is usually simple with a couple of tools.

Ensure the Working of the Cooling System

The hoses, which take the engine coolant can get damaged from high pressure, heat, or from being old. Often if this occurs a flow will occur. Also, the heater hoses face exactly the same issue as they carry hot coolant to the vehicle heater core under the dashboard.

If you go get your vehicle serviced or into an oil shifting shop, they’ll typically check the hoses for you, but you can always ask if your not sure if that is included.

To ​check them yourself, look for the white/clearish coolant reservoir and see if it’s at the right level. Otherwise, you may leak, so check for residue​that is similar to the color of the coolant. It should be around where the hoses and connections are created or beneath them. Any cracks in hoses mean you need to replace the hose. Any loose hose clamps ought to be tightened or replaced if broken.

The very best method for efficient cooling is for the motor to have sufficient coolant. Get hoses checked regularly will stop leaks, which could cause the motor to overheat and cause significant issues. So inspecting hoses in a while is a great idea. And replacing them if needed is relatively affordable.

Check Car Brakes

You might have seen a movie where someone can not sop their automobile because their brake line was cut. In real life we won’t have this scene play out, however, are we ignore brake issues we could find ourselves getting into a crash.

The most common reasons is the brake pads or flow from the brake fluid.

It’s a good idea to verify your breaks if you notice any issues out of the ordinary. If you want to look at the fractures yourself, you’ll need to inspect the brake pads and brake fluid reservoir. This normally requires removing the tires and possibly getting under the car in case you suspect a brake fluid leak.

However, there’s a really simple approach to check your brake fluid; assess the level and color of this fluid from the reservoir.
When the color is dim then it’s time to change it.
When the fluid is low, fill into the proper line; and when the tank is vacant you probably have a leak that has to be repaired and then you’ll want to bleed the brake lines and replace the fluid.

Checking the Brake Pads

The simplest way to check the brake pads is to take it into a service center.
When you drive, listen for a screeching sound. Most brakes have a warning indicator and they make a noise when they’re low as you press the brake pedal.
If your shy or stressed, it is ideal to get it checked. Your security and other people on the road would be worth the time and energy. Keep it

Cover your Car

This can appear to be a very simple tip, but it has a major effect on maintaining your car. Maintaining your vehicle from the range of the sunlight, trees, and birds can assist your paint and interior to remain in good condition. Harmful radiation, weather, and nature may take its the toll on your vehicle.

Washing your car regularly and using protectants on plastic and rubber parts is significant but that will only do this much. To keep your car looking its best for a year to come a vehicle cover is a fantastic investment. When you’ve got a garage or carport cover this helps as well.

So cover your car if not in use and try to keep it on your garage whenever it’s possible.

Drive Better

The way that you drive reflects the state of your car. By driving smartly and securely, you not only ensure less wear and tear on your car but also can save your fuel expenses.

So 1 way to get started now is to take a look at your pace and braking habits. In case you have a custom of taking off quickly and applying brakes abruptly, then remind yourself that each smooth transition saves money on gas.

Driving below the speed limit and avoid sudden stops will allow you to stay safer, save money, and help your vehicle last longer.

Exterior Engine Cleaning

We have learned the importance of keeping your engine; it’s as important to perform it for the exterior also. Some minor debris in the wrong place can do a lot of harm if not cleaned. For instance, when assessing your brake fluid along with some dirt drops into the brake fluid. Damage to the brake system can happen.

How to clean car cooling system
How to clean car cooling system

There are special engine cleaners available on the market designed especially for outside engine cleaning. While cleaning the motor is not mandatory, it can be helpful for detecting leaks, protecting plastic and rubber hoses, ensuring electrical connections are not disrupted, seeing tags obviously, for the pride of ownership.

Carry the Automotive Tools at all Times

A good suggestion to maintain your car on the move is to take some basic tools, which means you’ll be ready to be prepared to face different issues and have resources to utilize. Delaying fixing a leak, for example, can potentially cause damage to your engine of other automobile systems. A tool kit might come in handy.

A set of tools, which are readily available will give you choices that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Deciding where to shop these may be the toughest decision you make.

Maintaining your car is a great idea for your wallet, your time, and your reassurance. It might look to be a hassle at times, but the effort is well worth it on time.

You’ll have pride of ownership when you keep a regular schedule of maintenance from a service center or by yourself. You can do a much better job than some professional because you can take your time and not have to hurry as you can perform your inspections and repairs of Your Choice. ​


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