Smarter, more considerate, quicker, stronger, and ultimately with the choice of an automatic transmission, the new Focus ST is now the go-to grown-up’s hot-hatch from the Blue Oval brand, using a distinct character to its predecessor but plenty of temperature on offer, also. This review focuses on the manual model since the auto was not available for us to push at launch. We are going to get in the automobile soon, though, so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep reading to learn about the new Focus ST – and how it could be the best all-round hot-hatch on the industry at the moment.

Features of Ford Focus ST 2020 Review

The Focus ST has a trick up its sleeve – you can get the manual or the auto at the same price. Most brands request some grand more for their auto option, but Ford Australia has bucked that trend with the Focus ST, which is $44,690 plus on-road costs no matter if you receive the six-stick or seven-self-shifter.

ford-focus Performance Review
ford-focus Performance Review

And that’s even more curious when you consider the automobile gains small extra goodness over the manual: automatic Focus ST models have clever adaptive cruise control that can adjust your speed depending on the traffic about it or perhaps adjust to the speed limits using sign recognition, also it’s lane-keeping help that will center you into your lane. The guide gets plain old standard cruise control and misses out on lane-keeping technicians.

The cabin has warmed Recaro sports seats up front with manual modification, aluminum pedals, wireless smartphone charger, push-button beginning, keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, a flat-bottom leather steering wheel, Ford’s 8.0-inch touchscreen media system with Sync3 operating system, satellite navigation, voice activation, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as Apple CarPlay and Android automobile smartphone mirroring tech.

There is also two USB ports (both front) plus a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, a dark headlining, electronic park brake, front floor mats, configurable ambient lighting, and Ford Performance sill protectors, auto headlights, auto wipers, plus a digital driver information screen with electronic speed.

There are just two choices available for the Focus ST. There is a panoramic sunroof option, at $2500, and the choice of premium paint. What colors (or colors, depending on which you’re reading this) are available? Frozen White and Race Red are just two that won’t cost you extra, while Orange Fury (seen here), Ruby Red, Ford Performance Blue, Magnetic (gray ), and Agate Black Metallic will all add $650 into the price.

Ford Focus ST 2020 Design Review

The Ford Focus hatchback is a wonderful size for buyers who want a practical hatchback that’s still small enough to park at the city easily. Want an even smaller operation hero from Ford? Save yourself some money and find the Fiesta ST, which is arguably an even greater hot-hatch than this car, for the money.

But should you need comfort and space as a priority, the present generation of Focus will fulfill your wants. The dimensions of the Focus ST are close to its rivals: 4378 mm extended (on a 2700 mm wheelbase), 1825 mm broad and 1458 mm tall. Read all about the space in the cabin in the area below, where you’ll find inside pictures, also.

You will make up your mind about the styling of the Focus ST. There are pieces I wish were even more eccentric: the rear spoiler, for example, is about precisely the same size as what you see on the Toyota Corolla ZR vibrate. This generation of Focus ST is a more subtle design update when compared with the normal Focus versions than its predecessor, and that might appeal to you personally, or, like me, you might wish for just a bit more exterior pizzazz.

It was a bit of a fad for its European-designed hot hatches of this previous few generations – the lines are more subtle, the aero treatments more generic, and also the difference over the”Line” model (a version beneath the hot-hatch that looks similar and offers mild performance improvements ) may not be discernable in a glance.

You could say that makes the ST a bit of a wolf in ST-Line’s clothes.

Ford Focus Interior Review

The front cabin of the Focus ST is a nice spot to be, with welcoming and body-hugging Recaro seats (which aren’t as hip-squishing since the last model), and a couple of other highlights to speak of.

2020 Ford Focus interior
2020 Ford Focus interior

There’s a digital display for your motorist flanked by 2 analog dials, which are beginning to look a bit outdated in 2020. The screen for the driver has a digital speed readout, trip meter, and there is a shift index for eco-minded drivers – but it appears you can not place it to have a present gear’ index, which is a pity.

You will find decent storage alternatives, with heavily lined door pockets with bottle holders, adjustable cup holders between the seats, a covered center storage container with a USB interface, and there is a storage tray using a 2nd USB port and wireless phone charger (Qi) in the front of the gear selector.

The material quality could be improved, though. In the back it is terrible. Some cars that a third of the price of the one have better vinyl quality and finish in their rear doors.

That might matter to you personally, or it may not.

In the back, there is lots of space for children and adults alike. With the driver’s seat set for my position (182cm), I’d ample toe, leg, and headroom in the back and the shoulder space was okay, too. Three of me across the back are a squeeze, but it is pretty accommodating concerning space.

Along with the amenities are fine, too. There are no back vertical air vents, and no USB ports either – but there’s a 12-volt socket so that you could plug into an adaptor.

The freight capacity/boot space quantity for the Focus ST is only 273 liters, which is not outstanding – that is down to the truth that our automobiles have a subwoofer and a space-saver spare wheel under the boot floor. The boot wasn’t big enough to also fit our mid-size (95L) case. You ought to be able to match a bigger pram or stroller, but don’t think of this as the king of empowerment.

How’s the Engine Performance of Ford Focus

Not as extroverted as a Honda Civic Type R. Not as snappy as a Hyundai i30 N. Is this the Goldilocks Zone of hot-hatchery? It could well be because the Focus ST is a complete charmer, a hoot, a pleasure machine you don’t wish to stop driving, an entertainer, a go-getter, and also a heavy hitter all in one. And despite all that, it is a considerably more mature offering than its predecessor.

I must point out before I go much further that these opinions are linked primarily to Sport style, one of four Ford drive mode choices: Standard, Sport, Slippery, and Race. I didn’t drive in Race mode – that limits traction control, rock-hardifys the suspension, notches up the steering rate and proffers more belches and flatulence into the driver – since I had been on public roads. I did, but use Sport style for my spirited driving stints, which corrects the throttle, intake/exhaust sound, suspension damping, and steering. And it makes things quite enjoyable, though I would not mind a bit more exhaust blatTing and popping up.

I would also have enjoyed the opportunity to place a”Custom” way upward – but there is no such alternative. That would have been ideal, because – like in the i30 N – I would have set the suspension to be milder but all the other things to be more on-edge.

The remarkable overall score you see here is for the manual 2020 Ford Focus ST. I simply can’t wait to push the automobile to see whether it lives up to the nameplate. Either way, the new-generation Focus ST has what is necessary to give a plausible solution to its hot-hatch competitions. It is fun, fast, and eventually slightly more mature, too.


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