Do you know that the normal cost of a great Christmas tree is roughly 40$? For many folks, this cost can be equivalent to their yearly earning, and just how do they spend much money on a single Christmas tree. That’s why a lot of non-profit organizations and charity foundations offer help to these low-income households who can not afford to purchase the Christmas tree for their households.

These programs and offerings are offered for a restricted time period, and there are a number of eligibility criteria that the applicant has to meet. It means in the event that you want a free Christmas tree, then you need to first qualified for these applications, and they apply for it. You need to explain why you can’t afford this Christmas tree in certain programs on the less, it’s not mandatory.

If you explain this, it might increase your odds of getting a free Christmas tree. Christmas is a festival of joy and love. Many men and women believe that rich and well-settled people should help low-income households, so they contribute Christmas trees into low-income households. It is an excellent activity to reveal kindness and humanity.

If you complete in the low carb class and can’t afford to purchase a Christmas tree, you should not drop hope and use for one of these programs.

Who Will Get A Free Christmas Tree?


The first and foremost standards to get a free Christmas tree is that you should belong to low-income households, and you should have proof to prove that you’re incapable of purchasing the one Christmas tree for your home.

The guidelines for low carb households vary in accordance with the amount of relatives. To assess whether you complete under low-income households or not, you need to appear at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. These low-income families’ income limits can be varied according to their geographic location in the united states. Thus, make sure that you check it properly in accordance with the state you live in.

Should you wonder how to get a free Christmas tree, continue to read further to know more about the organizations that offer a free Christmas tree.

donating christmas trees

donating christmas trees

How To Get A Free Christmas Tree?

The practice of getting free Christmas trees for low income families are change depending on programs and organizations. In most organizations, you have to apply for this and wait till your title is declared as the winner, and you need to explain your financial instability to get a free Christmas tree.

Some programs follow come, first serve standards. For such programs, you want to vigilant and immediately call that organization to get a free Christmas tree. Some regional churches and associations generally offer free Christmas tree on this foundation. Consequently, if you need a tree for your house, you ought to see their ads and site for dates.

You might have to show your wages proofs and provide them a composition mentioning your financial issues and expenses that you are facing. Then, these associations will analyze your request and contact you if your application pleased them.

  • Salvation Army:

It is one of the very frequent and widespread organizations supporting low-income families and people with disabilities. It not only provides toys and gifts to children on Christmas but also offers a free Christmas tree. But to find a free Christmas tree isn’t the same as getting a free toy or gift. At the time of holidays, the Salvation Army works using its entire potential to provide help to everyone in need. It is possible to see them distributing tins and ringing bells to individuals. They also organize open kitchens and meals pantries.This organization has many branches and members all over town. To get free Christmas trees near mepersonally, you need to look for the nearest Salvation Army branch. You are able to find it from their website by entering your zip code.

They offer mainly four applications to assist individuals;

  1. Angel Tree Program: During this program, the Salvation Army distributes Christmas presents and toys to the less privileged kids. They also supply clothing.
  2. Grocery and food help : They supply meals to families that can afford a fantastic meal even during holidays.
  3. Bill-Pay Assistance:This military provides help to families who do not have money. It submits warmth and electrical bills so that these families may also enjoy these vacation
  4. Holiday events: They arrange present parties for parents and teachers. Consequently, they celebrate this festival together. The U.K. also has a Salvation Army base camp.
free christmas trees near me

free christmas trees near me

  • Trees for troops:

This business specifically offer free Christmas tree into families. This program was initially set to give goods and gifts to military families, after which it includes Christmas trees. If you belong to an army family and need a free Christmas tree, you can contact them. They have their website; you could get them out of their site.

They have two kinds of Christmas trees, one is artificial, and the other is organic. Consequently, they supply any of a tree as requested. This company also offers decorative items like bulbs, Christmas tree lights, and even more. These Christmas trees can be stored in a flat or apartment. They also help out with observing any family function by providing decorative items.

This organization provides free Christmas tree@# to military families around the first weekend of December. If you are a military spouse or belong to an army family, you can receive the free tree.

  • Neighborhood Church:

Local churches have plenty of donations and reserve to assist needy men and women. If you’re from low-income households and don’t have money to observe holidays, the regional churches may supply you a free Christmas tree or even any financial aid that could make your vacation great.
However, to get this type of service, you need to convince them about your own problems. They also offer free toys, food, gifts, and clothes.

  • Catholic Charities Christmas Connection:

If you are wondering about how to get a free Christmas tree from the nearest locations, Catholic Charities Christmas Connection is your best place to look. You’ll receive gifts, clothing, and other household items such as pots, dishes, and linens. These catholic charities operate with local charitable organizations to give help to low-income families.
Sometimes in addition, it provides free Christmas trees for low income families. If you are from low-income households and need some financial support for Christmas, you need to apply to this business.

It is also possible to call the local Clearinghouse to get referrals. It helps you get a free Christmas tree, and even occasionally, it offers some programs like financial aid, Christmas assistance, thrift stores for decorations, and a lot more.