Obtaining free PayPal money immediately is a great way to add some excess money to your budget this week.

And in the majority of these cases, all you’ve got to do is just live your everyday life to get this cash sent to your PayPal account!

There are somewhere you’ll have to answer several questions to get this free cash. That said, it is super simple to only do this at times where you’d otherwise be procrastinating, such as if you’re the kind of person who moves through their phone whilst watching TV (…only me?)

Get it free for a limited time!

So keep reading to find out how you can receive free money immediately through PayPal — and also how you can make $100 quickly with some of those strategies.

How can I get free PayPal money instantly without doing surveys?

There are a ton of different ways by which you can get free PayPal money instantly that don’t require having to answer questions and surveys.

A number of them will be more suited to you than others, based upon your everyday activities. However, all of them offer excellent ways to make money online with PayPal at no cost.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of our best recommendations for programs that will help you earn free cash. It delivers a ton of ways for you to make a little extra cash, including playing games, viewing videos as well as simply searching the internet.

Additionally, it lets you get free PayPal money immediately in the impressive $5 welcome bonus it is possible to get only for making a Swagbucks account and verifying your email address.

Get Free PayPal Money Instantly
Get Free PayPal Money Instantly

And you can make even more money at no cost by inviting your friends to sign up through the personal referral link you’ll receive as soon as you’ve established your own Swagbucks account! Actually, just for doing this, you will earn $3 for every referral PLUS 10% of all your pals earn through the program.

  • Ibotta

In any discussion about earning cashback from purchasing, Ibotta is always one of our best selections. This is only because it allows you to get cash back in a huge 500,000 retailers both online and in-store.

This app works great when you use it to earn this money back on things you would be buying anyway, like your standard weekly grocery list. By doing this, it ensures that you are not spending more money to earn a little amount of extra money in the long run, which simply would not be worth it.

And for those looking to get free PayPal cash instantly, Ibotta is the answer for how you can get $20 quickly. In other words, just by signing up with the program and redeeming your first offer, they’ll send you $20 for free.

  • Rakuten

Rakuten is among the very well-known cashback apps, although you might actually know it under its former title, Ebates.

To find this money paid from a free PayPal account, you simply have to pay $5, that will be moved to your account in the conclusion of Rakuten’s next quarterly payout period.

  • MyPoints

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks in terms of ways to earn free PayPal cash through it. In particular, you can get money for doing things like watching videos, shopping on the internet, playing games and much more.

You won’t make massive sums of money using MyPoints, but it’s a great way to earn some extra money at times when you would have already been doing nothing anyhow. This means, say, if you have a tendency to spend your commute to work randomly flicking through your telephone, this could be a chance to create a few added hours on the way into the office.

  • Respondent

Respondent entails answering questions but it’s definitely not a survey site in precisely the same way as the others later in this article are all.

Instead, it’s basically equivalent to participating in a focus group.

From there, you are in a position to apply to participate in different sessions. These may vary from anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour, for which it is possible to earn up to $125 just for a single hour of answering questions.

And that this is all then moved as free PayPal cash for your account is merely icing on the cake!

Ways to Get Free PayPal Money Instantly
Ways to Get Free PayPal Money Instantly
  • Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a superb option for earning free PayPal money instantly, especially if you’re pretty fit or spend a great deal of your day in your toes.

Getting paid to wander entails you making money according to your step count.

All you have to do is create a profile by means of this link and, from there, it’s simply a matter of beginning to walk. Nevertheless, there are some strategies involved, particularly including the process of upgrading your account to make even more money.

  • Lucktastic

Lucktastic is an app that allows you to gamble at no cost. It basically provides you with access to digital scratch cards and, even if you win, you’re going to get free PayPal money instantly.

This is a fun way to spend time and, sometimes, they have enormous payouts. By way of example, they once ran a competition where someone won a prize of $1 million just for getting the right scratch card from the app.

That said, it is well worth mentioning that it’s far more probable that you’ll only receive a few dollars from this. Nevertheless, it’s a fun way to spend time, particularly if you like the idea of betting without placing any of your own money in.

  • Honey

Honey is an internet shopping program with a particular difference. As many cashback apps let you know if a specific merchant has any cashback offers, Honey kind of functions the other way around.

In other words, when you place an item in your online shopping cart, you can then click a button. Honey will inform you if you will find any better deals for exactly the exact same thing on another website.


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