Packing your automobile for a holiday road trip could be even more frustrating than untangling those twisted strands of used Christmas lights. It might require some holiday magic to cram gifts, bag, a stroller and cooler all into that tight freight space. But if you don’t package your car or truck wisely, you will not just have to endure constant complaints against the backseat, you might even increase your risk for being involved in a traffic accident. To help ensure your vacation road trip is”fine” instead of”naughty”, use these car-loading tips from your friends at Carwise.


It is important to just pack essential items since the thicker your car is, the longer it takes for this to stop. Here are some other safety tips when packing your automobile:

Starting towards the center of your cargo area, load heavier things like suitcases first. Use lighter items, including pillows and coats, as fillers around thicker ones. Don’t stack items too high, as doing so could block the driver’s ability to see other vehicles at the rear-view mirror. Improperly stacked items can also change and injure rear-seat riders should you have-to brake abruptly or swerve.

Make certain that you distribute weight evenly since uneven weight distribution may cause handling problems on curvy streets or during windy conditions. And, do not pile rooftop items too high, as passing under a low bridge could knock them off into the path of another motorist. It is always a fantastic idea to choose your vehicle on a practice run first to be certain all rooftop things are safely secured.


If you’re traveling with a kid in the backseat who is whining because they don’t have sufficient leg and arm space, you’re going to hear about it for long periods. Here are some ways to optimize cargo space and improve passenger comfort:

Pack things first that will not be required until you arrive in your destination, like luggage and presents, and load coolers, coats, and snacks last so they are easily accessible when you’re stopped. If you will be traveling through horrible weather, bring some tall kitchen trash bags along for moist, muddy shoes and clothes items. Use little plastic grocery bags as single-use trash receptacles that you may conveniently dispose of in the next rest place or resort.

Who wants to ride alongside a smelly mess in a cramped vehicle? Food clogs and upset stomachs will take place, so also pack a few cleanup supplies like convenient wipes, paper towels, a stain remover stick and jar of spray-on fabric refresher.

Whenever possible, combine luggage contents to save room. Each child should take a backpack with their essential road gear that they can keep at arm’s length. That will stop you from having to dig through all of the packaged items in a blizzard because the kids can not find their tech apparatus.


Even if carrying these car-packing precautions, vacation fender-benders happen. When your ride has been in an accident, take it to one of those over 19,000 auto glass and body repair stores featured in the nationally Carwise referral system. All crash repair stores listed on Carwise are all I-CAR and ASE certified, so they possess the top-notch services, high-tech gear, and knowledgeable technicians to restore your car or truck like new promptly and faithfully.

Most operate directly with insurance companies, and therefore you don’t have to and guarantee their repairs for many miles of carefree driving. And, by downloading the FREE Carwise app to your mobile device, you may conveniently monitor your vehicle’s repair status from start to finish!


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