You’ve just completed some Holiday shopping in the mall, and also, therefore, are backing out of the parking space with your next destination already fresh in your mind. Bam! Another motorist smacks into your car’s right rear quarter panel, jolting you back to reality. What happened? According to the National Safety Council (NSC), one-in-five car accidents every year take place in parking lots or parking garages. More than 60,000 people are hurt in those accidents, many of these pedestrians, and 500 people die as an outcome. But are parking lot accidents so frequent, and what do we all do to avoid them? Here is what the auto insurance industry pros have to say.


When backing out of a parking area, are you talking on the telephone? Have you been singing along with the radio while pulling into a spot? Distracted drivers, like in most other driving scenarios, are the primary cause of parking lot accidents. Other reasons why parking lots are unusually hazardous include:

  • Presence of pedestrians, especially at nighttime.
  • Drivers going too fast.
  • Poor field-of-vision due to parked vehicles.
  • Bad lighting and drivers not using their sleeves.
  • Piles of scooped snow in the wintertime.
  • Impaired motorists or pedestrians due to alcohol or medications.

All motorists likely experience at least some, if not all, of these accident-contributing factors. Now let’s explore how we could make parking a safer place to be.


Even though it’s simply common sense, lots of drivers do not take the necessary measures when driving in parking lots, starting with slowing. You should drive at school-zone speeds while operating a vehicle in any parking area, including garages, and take a few added minutes checking each of your mirrors, backup camera, and blind areas before financing from distance. That’s all notably important to avoid hitting a young child who may have wandered supporting your vehicle.


Newer trucks and cars have some amazing onboard security technology to assist drivers. What better place to put these innovative features to operate than in a crowded parking lot? To Prevent runaway shopping carts, jogging kids and other vehicles, utilize these onboard systems to direct you:

Rearview backup camera
Radar and ultrasonic warnings that beep when an object is detected. Cross-traffic alarm sensors that activate warnings, or even apply the brakes when another vehicle is coming or too close

How many times have you driven around a lot for several minutes and the only available place is adjacent to someone who parked crooked? You know how frustrating that can be, along with the fact there might be a new ding adorning your doorway when you return from shopping. Do not be that inconsiderate driver. Pull into parking spaces, while glancing your car or truck between the yellow lines. Besides this Kind of parking anyhow, use these lot logistic Ideas to protect you and your vehicle:

Look for a pull-through spot, which means you won’t have to back out after
Park far away from other vehicles when possible. Walking is good for you anyway, and it is going to decrease the probability of your car getting hit by a different motorist, or dinged by a stray door.
Keep an eye out for stray carts, particularly on windy days. They can do a few hundred dollars of body damage for your car if they get a good rolling start.

Even if taking all these parking lot collision repairs, accidents happen. If you are involved in one, take your car or truck right off to one of the 19,000+ auto body and glass repair stores featured in the nationwide Carwise referral community. Technicians there have the equipment, know-how, and expertise to restore your damaged vehicle like new again promptly and reliably. Most glass and collision repair shops work directly with insurance companies, so you don’t have to, and guarantee their results to place your mind at ease.


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