Get a donated car from salvation army: At least that is true for a vehicle donation. Provided that you donate your car or truck for example cars to registered nonprofits such as the Salvation Army, you may enjoy the tax deductible! The Salvation Army car donation program has been in existence for years now, and it has helped the community in many ways. Accepting the donation is one of their financing sources, thus by donating your carin salvation army car donation, you are also helping those in need in your area!

There are a lot of reasons why someone may consider donating salvation army cars for sale. For instance, you’ve bought a brand new car and you don’t require the old one. Another common condition is that you have an old, abandoned car that’s been sitting in the garage, driveway or backyard that you never uses in years. Regardless of the reason is, even giving away it could be the ideal choice you should consider because not only you’re helping the community, but you also help yourself! That way you can free some space up, eliminate the car without having to repair it first, and you also get to have 100% tax deductible!

If you’re planning to claim that tax deductible, you may want to read the guidelines from the IRS (link supplied in the reference section below). Although most probably the Salvation Army car donation can help you with this, studying it ahead of time is a good way to inform yourself. If you remain unsure, you could always refer to a tax advisor before you give salvation army cars for sale.

Another fantastic thing about this donation procedure is that because we’ve suggested above the Salvation Army car donation takes any kind of automobile, in any circumstance. This means that even a heavily damaged car that may not operate anymore is accepted. That said, we still encourage you to wash out the car beforehand, simply because it’s a fantastic thing to do.


Donating your vehicle is a hassle-free process. You can go online to your state’s Salvation Army site and fill out the simple form there, or you could telephone 1-800-SA-TRUCK (728-7825). Once you inform the Salvation Army, they will call you back within 3 business days to notify the pickup time as well as the stock amount to your contribution to salvation army car donation.

how to get a donated car from salvation army

how to get a donated car from salvation army

When the Salvation Army truck comes to pick the car up, they’ll also offer tax-deductible receipts. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the entire procedure. Further information needed will be sent after the car is sold because the amount of tax-deductible you can get is dependent upon how much money the Salvation Army get after selling the car.

The cars that are still running will be marketed at a monthly online auction of the Salvation Army. An additional important point I almost forget to mention is the normal cost for the auction is usually higher than your regular auction, so it is another win for the donator!

How to get a car from Salvation army?

The Salvation army car donation process generally begins when a donor finds that a charity or business fundraiser in response to an advertising or solicitation attempt, the AG explains. In the initial phone conversation with the salvation army has begun, the contributor will be asked questions regarding the car. Normally, the donate cars to salvation army are going to be accepted unless the price of towing it exceeds its worth.

The donated vehicle is subsequently sold and the proceeds are divided between the commercial design and the charity. “Because all expenses connected with ads, towing, storing, and promoting the automobile are all deducted from the proceeds before any distribution to charities, Salvation army car donation charity generally only gets a marginal sum from the car’s earnings,” that the AG warns.

C4C, since it’s known, maintained and spent millions of dollars in donations that should have gone into other charities, the AG charged in the lawsuit.

But some make it work a fantastic deal better than others. The charity got $426,764, or 82 percent.

• Automotive Recovery Services also acquired $2.7 million of contributions for the National Kidney Foundation at New York.

Zachary Lasky is your e-commerce product director for Advanced Remarketing Services. “Our purpose is to reunite 70 to 80 percent to the charity we form a partnership together.

It can return much because it doesn’t depend solely on auctions to sell car in salvation army car donation,” he clarified. Advanced Remarketing Services also avoids saving vehicles for a long period — that cuts down on storage costs and on expensive towing.

“It is disappointing to see people taking advantage, maybe not possess the best interest of the charity that they work inside thoughts,” he explained.

Donate cars to salvation army need to read the tea leaves. Charities that are eager to accept only a very small fraction of contribution profits may deserve additional financial scrutiny.

• Find a charity that manages its car gifts. This cuts the middle-man and allows the charity to keep all of the proceeds. If your preferred ways to find a donated car from salvation army do not accept cards right, find one that does.

So we have shared enough information now on how to get a donated car from salvation army. Now you can easily try to donate car to salvation army and get car from salvation army car donation program.

Where Does the Money Go?

Some of you have to be thinking about how the Salvation Army car donation will use the money from the donated car. Don’t worry, it’s used for a good cause. The ARC mainly supports these individuals by giving them a wholesome environment, along with counseling and therapies.

So to wrap up things, we highly urge everyone who has an unused car or other vehicles to donate! The donation is totally free, and they will choose the car up for you! Not only that, the Salvation Army donates a car that is 100% tax-deductible! So, we have shared all the information regarding how to get a donated car from salvation army. If you still have a Query regarding how to get a car from salvation army then comment below our team will try to help you.