As we know, technology is growing fastly nowadays. Computers and pcs became an important part of our lives. Now, they are in demand for many purposes like for education, for work, or many more. People are moving offline mode to online mode. But due to the financial crisis, many people won’t afford expensive computers. Here, we discuss some places from where you can get free broken pcs.

Various government, non-profit organizations, agencies, and charities are providing free broken pcs. They run free broken computers programs for the low-income people who can’t afford it. An individual can make a huge difference with free broken pcs in their life. In this article, we discuss such places from where you can get free broken pcs after being eligible for it. Read along!

How To Get Free Broken Pcs?


Various companies are there who focus on upgrading, reusing, and repairing free broken pcs. When an organization focuses on the recycling of free broken computers. Then, it doesn’t mean that recycling is sold. Some companies are there that recycle junk computers free of cost to give away to low-income people.

old computers for free

old computers for free

Those companies try to help people with the computer parts and sometimes a computer for free by recycling broken computers. Search in your surroundings for free broken PCs, you will get to know about companies that give away old computers for free.

Additionally, If you know any company that offers broken computers for sale or for free. Then, contact them or email them for help. You can also visit and ask about their services and free broken PCs program. When you get a clear idea regarding their services. And if it fulfills your requirement then apply for the free broken computer.

Any company that is providing free broken PCs has some eligibility. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get a free broken computer. Now, we discuss the eligibility criteria that are set by the authorities or jury of companies. This eligibility may differ from company to company.

Eligibility To Getting Old Computers For Free.

There is some common eligibility which is set by any company providing free broken pcs. The major reason to set strict eligibility is the limited resources they have. And the applicants have more to apply. So, let’s check the common eligibility listed below.

  1. A single mom is eligible for the free broken pcs.
  2. A disabled person is also eligible.
  3. A person who has registered a non-profit business at the state level is eligible.
  4. Having Tax-exempt status with the federal government of the United States.
  5. Non-profit business serving children or the underprivileged is also eligible.

These are some common eligibility criteria. In case, if you belong to any one of them then you might be eligible for free broken pcs. Various places are there from where you can get free old computers. Now, we discuss such from where you can get free old computers. Read along.

Organizations That Provide Free Broken Computers.

Various organizations, companies, agencies, and online platforms are there that are providing free broken computers. One has to search for them. Get relevant information, check their eligibility and apply for it. However, here we discuss the list of places to get free broken computers of pcs.

free broken computers

free broken computers

  • Freecycle.

Freecycle is a well-known place to get free stuff. It is an online platform where people get a variety of free stuff. You may get free stuff like appliances, refrigerators, heaters and free broken computers. People who don’t require any more of their broken PCs give them away on the freecycle platform. It is a non-profit organization to helps people with broken computers.

Freecycle aims to recycle items and provide free broken computers and old computers for free. They provide their services in every city, county, the town of the United States of America. You may get free broken PCs from here for free or at a low cost. It is a non-profit organization that tries to connect people and help each other.

  • Craigslist.

Craigslist is also an online website that is similar to freecycle. It is one of the well-known reselling websites. Similarly, you can get a variety of free stuff. Some of them you get at the lowest cost. A large number of people resell their products here which they do not require.

To get free broken PCs, all you have to do is visit the official website of craigslist. Go to the free section and get the complete list of free stuff you need. Search for the keyword “free broken computers” and you get the list. In case, you didn’t get the list from there. Then, try to keep updating yourself on craigslist.

As people regularly post their free stuff there. So, it may be possible that not today but tomorrow you will get the old computers for free.

  • Free geek.

Free geek is another organization that provides free old computers for people who direly need them. Just like craigslist and freecycle, you may get a variety of appliances from here. Appliances like broken computers, microwaves, air conditioners, and many more.

A free geek is a place that aims to help people with free stuff. You can visit their official website to get more information about their services and schemes.

  • CCL North.

CCL north is a nationwide IT company. Which renovated, resales, and reuses the equipment to provide help people with free broken pcs. You can get junk computers free of cost from here. Also, they can help you with free broken computers.

  • PCs For People.

As the name suggests, PCs for People is an organization that aims to help people with technical equipment. They offer old computers for free. Additionally, they also help with other technical services like internet service and laptop or computer repairs.

Also, they aim to develop new opportunities for those who are having limited access to technology. Companies whose tax exemption is 501 are eligible to get free computers and internet services for their non-profit business. They also help people with free broken computers.

People who are living below 200% federal poverty and getting government benefits are eligible for it. They get the benefits of free computers, internet services, high speed, computer repairing, and also, Microsoft registered renewal.

  • Interconnection.

Interconnection is another organization. They offer computers and PCs to students and needy people. You can get computers and PCs there for as cheap as $99. On their online website, you may get junk computers free for yourself.

Mostly, they offer laptops from the Dell company with features like office home 2007, windows 7 pro, PowerPoint, and many more. Additionally, you will also get the spyware, wifi card, antivirus with a guarantee of a long 90 days.

You purchase computers and laptops from interconnection at $99, you should use cash or a credit card. People whose income is less than 40,000 can also get laptops and computers. Simply, show the EBT card for this purpose.

  • TR Computer.

TR computer is a place that provides free broken pcs. It has branches all across the united states of America. Additionally, you can google also to get free broken computers. Visit their nearby centers and get assistance with broken computers.

  • CRC.

CRC stands for the computer recycling center. It is a non-profit organization which is based in California. They provide their services all across the United States. Simply, they receive donations of computers. After that, they restore them and distribute them to people who directly need them. Additionally, disabled people get the priority to free old computers.

  • Broken IT.

Broken IT is a popular non-profit organization. It is based in the Cambridge shire. Broken IT offers its services all across the country. Similarly, it reuses, recycles, and retrieves IT equipment. After that, they distribute the free broken computers for people who direly need them. Additionally, you can visit their website to get more information about their services and free broken pcs programs.

  • Byteback Computer Recycling.

As the name suggests, Byteback computer recycling company recycles computers. This company is a project of IT school Africa and African school computers. Additionally, they recycle free broken PCs and distribute them to schools in Africa and people who need free broken computers.

  • RCS Recycling.

RCS Recycling is also a company that recycles broken computers. But it undertakes the safe and quick removal of unwanted and old equipment. However, various organizations, charities, and agencies reinforce their computers and their computer parts. Parts like motherboards, CPUs, monitors, and other IT equipment.

  • Pass It On.

Pass it on is a charitable organization. They aim to help disabled people with donated computers. Additionally, they also offer other computer parts like CPUs, Monitor, etc. as the name already said, one can get old computers for free of cost just by passing them on.

  • Environmental Computer Recycling & Disposal.

Environmental computer recycling & disposal is a company that provides junk computers free of cost. However, It is a company you can look forward to when none of the options are favoring you.

  • Reboot The Project.

Since, the 1997 reboot the project has helped needy people, schools, non-profit organizations with free broken computers. However, 80% of services are provided to help needy people with upgraded free broken pcs.

  • Camara.

Camara is another popular organization that provides free broken computers and old computers for free of cost. Also, it is a national charity organization that offers upgraded free broken PCs to schools and underprivileged areas of east Africa, Haiti, and Ireland. Additionally, they also offer another computer IT equipment.

  • Computer Aid International.

Computer Aid International is another charity organization. They offer their services all across the country. Additionally, it is known to offer computers and PCs to NFP organizations, especially for developing countries.

  • On It Foundation.

ON It Foundations was founded by miss Calveta Phair in 1999. This organization aims to provide and spread technology access economically and socially to families that come under the k-12 grade. However, anyone can get free broken computers from here.

Other Ways To Get Free Old Computers.

As we discussed above, various organizations and charities that help with free broken computers. If in case, you didn’t get the required help from those organizations. Then, there are some other ways to get free old computers and broken computers. Read along.

free old computers

free old computers

  • Local churches.

Yes, you heard it right. Local churches are not just places where people praise only. Nowadays, it has become the place where people ask for any type of help from them. Visit the local churches and ask them for help with free old computers. As many people donate there to provide help to needy people. If in case, they won’t be able to help you then they will try to suggest some other places from where you might get the help.

  • NGO.

NGO is another best option to get free old computers. All you have to do is visit the local NGO located near you or contact them. Explain your situation and give a solid reason to them why you need free broken pcs. They might help you with free broken computers as soon as possible.

  • Computer Repair Shops.

Computer repair shops are the best place from where you can get free old computers. As they have old model computers so far. They can also help you with other computer parts. To get free broken PCs you can visit any local computer repair shops. Ask them for help with junk computers free of cost.

  • Local Government Agencies.

Various local government agencies are available at the local level to help local people. Also, they know various free broken PCs programs run by the federal government. All you need to do is visit any local government agency which is located near you. And ask them for help with free old computers.

  • Social Media.

Social media has become the most powerful tool nowadays. However, You can simply use your social media id and post that you direly need a free old computer. Some people want to provide broken computers for sale or for free to people who need them.

To Sum It Up…

Computers and laptops become essential commodities nowadays. By using technology anyone can change their life easily and quickly. As we are experiencing that how the world is fastly growing in technology. But due to the financial crisis, not everyone has enough money to buy a pc or a laptop. In this article, we discussed some free broken pcs programs above. Also, how to get free broken computers. and also the eligibility criteria for help with free old computers. Thanks for reading.

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