The worth of your mattress extends beyond ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Surprisingly, the components of your mattress, including those in free mattress and box springs offers, can be recycled and reused. Every 8-10 years, replacing your mattress is advisable, and many stores now offer a free queen box spring with your purchase.

Before indulging in these deals, it’s crucial to dispose of your old mattress and box springs properly. When properly recycled, a mattress’s components can be repurposed, but if simply discarded in a landfill, the chemical components of a mattress, even those from a free box spring with mattress deal, can be environmentally harmful.

Get Free Mattress And Box Springs


Mattresses cannot be disposed of via pickup at the curb, therefore it’s your responsibility to ensure that your mattress gets disposed of in a proper manner.

We at Capital Junk, we make mattress recycling and removal simple all you have to be able to do is point us toward thefree mattress and box springs and any other items you’d like to get taken away. We’ll remove it and ensure it’s properly recycled.

free mattress and box springs

free mattress and box springs

We collect mattresses beds, frames, beds boxes springs, mattresses You name it. If we pick up your stuff and you are sure of it, we’ll bring everything to our recycling center. We will ensure that everything is properly recycled.

Recycling mattresses is extremely useful. According the Green Health Care, 95 percent of the substances which make up your free queen box spring near me could be reused.

As a green business, we’re dedicated to responsible free queen mattress recycling and removal , and also the removal of any other items that you could ask us to remove.
If you are looking for free mattress and box springs then Just not rely on to our recycling solutions for mattresses. In the end, you’ll need to be sure that every one of your mattress’s precious components are recovered.

  • The Precious Parts in a Mattress:

Mattresses are comprised of high-quality substances that are able to be used to serve other uses. Based on Scientific American, a standard mattress is composed of cotton, steel wood, polyurethane foam, and wood.

Recycling mattresses properly can cut the waste resources, energy use and costs as its components can be used to create new products.

A city of similar the size of Toronto estimates to throw away more than a quarter of a million free mattress and box springs each year, according The Globe & Mail. The Globe & Mail -which is a huge amount of valuable material going to the landfill free queen box spring near me.

These are the substances that make up your mattress, and the ways they can be reused in a sustainable manner:

  • Metal:

Mattress’s springs and frame are usually composed of steel, which can be reused for a wide range of items. If a free queen mattress is delivered to a recycling facility the material is taken to a recycling facility for scrap metal in which it is melted to be reused.

Steel As per Better Homes and Gardens, mattresses can have anywhere between 300-600 steel coils based on the size. The larger and more expensive the mattress is, the more steel it’ll contain. As with metal, steel is able to be used to melt down and reuse.

  • Fabric:

The fabric that surrounds free queen mattress can be made into a mat to make mats or other materials for interior use.

free mattress and box springs made of Wool and Cotton contain a lot of stuffing that is typically made of cotton and wool. They are able to be processed and used as yarn if properly recycled. It is also a great material to create the insulation as well as felt free box spring with mattress.

  • Foam:

Certain mattresses come with foam padding. The foam is processed, shred and cleaned to be used for the carpet pad, carpet underlay and much more free queen box spring near me.

  • Wood Frames:

When wooden frames are reused they are able to be used as fuel or made into chips for use as mulch.

Donating Your Mattress

Why dispose of your mattress when it could still be utilized by another person? You might be shocked to find out that free queen mattress are accepted for donation so provided they’re not damaged or stained.

If you’re looking for a free mattress and box springs to give away, but you don’t know where to send it, we’re happy to make a donation for you! We provide furniture and mattress donation pickup to remove these items from your hands and ensure that all of it is donated to the right location.
If your mattress is in good shape you could give it away to a reputable charity such as Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army. You could also give your free queen mattress to homeless shelter.

Be aware that each charity will have its own set of specifications and collection policies. For instance, while certain organizations require you to drop off your mattress on your own while others provide a no-cost pickup service.

Some mattress stores even provide pick-up services for donations. For instance, Sleep Country has a mattress recycling program. It will collect the mattress you have discarded and give it to a family, in conjunction with its partner charities free queen box spring near me.

Sleep Country’s Bed Donation and Mattress Recycling Program will save hundreds of free mattress and box springs out of the landfill each year. After confirming the mattress’s good condition, Sleep Country will either give it away or reduce it to recycle the valuable materials.

free queen mattress

free queen mattress

How are Mattresses Recycled?When a mattress is reused the free queen mattress is cut in half , making the mattress’s components available. The parts of the mattress are separated. As per How Stuff Works, the recycling of free box spring with mattress can be completed in less than 4 minutes for each free queen box spring near me.

Magnets are used to attract all metal and steel components of the mattress. the fabric is taken off along with the other components inside.

If you choose to enlist the assistance from Capital Junk’s mattress disposal service You can relax knowing that everything we pick up to a recycle center where each piece is examined to ensure that it’s properly diverted.

Mattress removal services

  • When it Goes to the Landfill

Based on the free mattress and box springs Recycling Council, 15 to 20 million mattresses are taken to landfill each year – within the U.S. alone. This is 50,000 mattresses per day.

To be real your free queen mattress is far important enough to be thrown in the trash — also that if a mattress gets placed in a landfill, it could be detrimental to the environment free box spring with mattress.

Ground Pollution: As a mattress is degraded, the surrounding environment is able to absorb the chemicals were used to make it that include bleaches as well as dyes.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

As as a result of the chemical that are mentioned above, mattresses could emit methane and carbon dioxide when left in a landfill. These gases are a significant cause of the greenhouse effect and to climate change, which is a direct result of.

  • They last forever:

One mattress takes about 10 years to completely decompose and releases toxic chemicals into the air throughout this long process.

They take up space as if it’s not enough that mattresses remain in landfills for what appears to be eons They also occupy an enormous amount of space specifically 40 cubic feet of space per year within the U.S. alone.

  • Exceptions:

Mattresses That Can’t Be RecycledThe majority of free queen mattress like boxes springs are beneficial and are important to recycle water beds and air mattresses are much less valuable material. It is also important to note that free mattress and box springs that have mould or bed bugs aren’t recyclable free queen box spring near me.

If you’re looking to rid yourself of one or all of them, then you can take a break from guilt and throw them in alongside other trash.

  • Burning Mattresses:

Don’t Do ItWe all know that mattresses are stuffed with objects which can be reused and reused, or recycledWhy not just eliminate mattresses? It’s wasteful , and sometimes damaging to the environmental.

However, one method people dispose of mattresses is to burn them. If you decide to torch your mattress may cause harm to the environment and is unlawful in many cities free queen box spring near me.

If you are unable to get to a drop-off or charity centre to remove your free mattress and box springs, then you’re better off seeking our free queen mattress removal service. We’ll ensure that your mattress is recycled properly.

free queen box spring near me

free queen box spring near me

Call Capital Junk for Mattress Removal

It doesn’t matter whether you have a mattress in the basement, or you are cleaning out your entire condominium free box spring with mattress We’ll complete the task. Our clients have relied on us to get rid of their mattresses for more than 10 years!We’re delighted to remove your beds, bed frames and mattresses. Get everything from your home and put it in our truck in one shot.

If you’re interested in learning more about our processes we can help you get all your questions answered here, so you are aware of what you can be expecting. For more information about the mattress and box springs removal and recycling services we offer, all you need to do is call us the number or make an appointment on our website free queen box spring near me.

We’ll give you two hours of time and will provide you with an appointment 15 minutes prior to when we reach you. After we arrive, we’ll evaluate the situation and offer you an obligation-free, free estimate. The price we quote is based on the amount of space your belongings take up on our truck free box spring with mattress.

If you agree to our terms to remove everything you’d like to get removed fast and efficiently. We provide same-day service free box spring with mattress.

We’d love we can take the free queen mattress and all of your other belongings off your hands, and ensure that they’re taken care of free queen box spring near me.