Everyone wants a hot shower bath when it’s the winter season. Winters are on the way but do you have a water heater to get a hot water bath? If you do not have one, then we have a great solution for you that is a free water heater. Various non-profit organizations are helping and supporting by providing free water heaters for low income people. Also, the government of your state will help you by giving you free water heaters.

Government and non-government agencies provide numerous free water heater programs to help and support the citizens of the United States of America. So, by such programs that are run by the government and non-government you can get a free water heater. Here, in this article, we are going to read about free water heaters for low incomes and give a solution to your questions like how to get free water heaters for low income families.

How To Get a Free Water Heater?


As we know that emergency energy assistance can help many low-income families such as special grants. If anyone wants to get a free water heater then read along with this article as we discussed many various sources below to get a free water heater from those sources. Some of the government programs for free water heaters are very helpful for those families who need emergency energy assistance.

free water heater program

how to get a free water heater

But what is an energy assistance program? So, these energy assistance programs help many people, especially low-income families who are looking for a replacement of energy equipment, energy bills, and free air conditioning for low-income families, and also free water heaters for the disabled and veterans. Such grants are only available once in the year to get free water heaters to the people who are eligible for them. Those who want a free water heater can check eligibility from the official website.

Government Free Water Heaters For Low-Income Families.

In the United States of America, where the temperature usually falls to 10 degrees, it is difficult to survive without water heaters. But getting a water heater is not so easy for everyone. So, for such people who can’t even think of a water heater, the government of the United States of America has come up with free water heater programs or schemes. In this way, many people can get relief from the wrath of winters. So, let’s discuss such government programs and schemes that provide free water heaters for low-income families.


LIHEAP stands for low-income home energy assistance program. Who provides grants for HVAC systems and claiming free water heaters for low-income people across the country. LIHEAP gets funds from the federal government of the USA. It has an aim to provide free water heaters for low income families who can’t afford to buy them. Along with the department of human services and health, LIHEAP provides free water heaters and also free heating system repair for people who can’t afford such expenses.

If you are looking for a free water heater then you can apply here to get them. Simply, visit their official website that is available on an online platform or you can also visit the local offices to get all knowledge about these programs such as eligibility criteria, the application process, and documents required to complete an application form. Remember, a complete application form has more chances to get selected compared to an incomplete application.

  • HEAP.

HEAP stands for home energy assistance program. It is one of the most popular government programs. It aims to provide energy assistance to low-income families as per their needs. They assist the applicants by both heating and cooling assistance in their homes at no cost. They ensure that poor and needy people can get these benefits from available energy appliances such as free water heaters through their free water heaters for low-income programs.

They have some specific eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill before applying for the free water heaters for low income programs. You have to pass this eligibility that is set by the HEAP organization to get a free water heater. This eligibility has been set because many people are doing fraud with the government and due to this people can’t get free water heaters who genuinely need them.

Do not worry about the eligibility as it is so simple. Just get the application form from the local offices near you or you can also get it from the official website. After that, attach the required documents they mentioned in the form. You can also submit the form from both online and offline mode. If the authorities have been@# convinced by your profile and application form then you will surely get the free water heater assistance.


Free water heaters are important to have in winters for all the citizens of the United States of America as the temperature falls. But having a water heater is not an easy deal for everyone. So, for them here we have discussed above government free water heaters for low-income. These organizations also provide cooling assistance to low-income families. So, do not worry about the wrath of winters, get a free water heater from these organizations and enjoy your winters. Thanks for reading.