As we know, education is important and qualification of diploma shows a level of proficiency in a special particular subject. For the students who want to get a free online high school diploma for adults because they don’t have time to do it monetary wise, so for them, we have listed in this article about 15 free online high school diplomas for adults 2021. Every year, many students drop out because of their problems. Some students have to drop out so they can start earning as their family situation is not so good.

Education is getting expensive day by day in the USA. For example, coaching or tuition at colleges has increased more than 30% from 2008. Because of that many students have to earn so they can pay their fees to get educated. Also, some students have some academic problems and may not receive the help and support they need to get success. And many simply do not know the value of education in life. So, if you are facing such problems then read this article to get the solution as we discussed here 20 free online high school diplomas for adults.

15 Free Online High School Diploma For Adults.

With any of these 15 free online high school diplomas for adults, you can go through. Online education is a great option for students who have problems getting an education through offline mode. Many students have the technology to get connected so it is better to pursue a free online high school diploma online for adults. Remember, always investigate first about the programs before paying any fees. On online platforms, various online scams offer you fake diplomas so be careful. Let’s know about such free online high school diplomas for adults.

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  • Penn foster.

Penn Foster is based in Pennsylvania. It is a private school for both adults and high-school students. Additionally, it is accredited nationally by AdvancED and also accredited by the association of schools and colleges at the regional level of the secondary school’s commission of the middle state. Also, they offer vocational training or high school programs with a high school diploma in culinary arts, information technology, health, childcare, pharmacy technician, carpentry, automobile, and early college.

The credit load of this program is 21.5 credits for $1315 that are available in as small as $49 monthly installments. However, They also offer discounts of around $366 for full payment upon enrollment and $96 for autopay. Additionally, they accept around 16 transfer credits. It is a unique program as it partners with other programs such as universities, career schools, and job corps across the country. If you get qualified for any of these partner schools then your tuition fees for the online high school diploma for adults may be covered.

  • James Madison.

James Madison provides free online high school diplomas for adults and it is based in Norcross, GA. James Madison is accredited by DEAC, AdvancED, and CHEA(Council for higher accreditation). They provide an open enrollment and free online high school diploma for adults in the 24 courses of physical science, biology, English, world geography, American history, and others.

  • COHS (career online high school).

It is a part of smart horizons career online education. And it is the nation’s first private online accredited school district. Additionally, they are licensed by NCA, NWAC, SACS, and AdvancED. Here, students can also earn a career certificate in addition to the diploma high school. They provide courses in childcare, education, office administration, general career preparation, national security, and certified protection officer. Every student is assigned as an academic coach.

Furthermore, smart horizons partners with some corporations such as wall-mart, goodwill, McDonald’s to offer some employees scholarships. The program has 18 credits for $1,295 with available monthly installments of $77. This program accepts credits for up to 14 courses. It commits to promoting education for all. It also works with libraries across the country to offer free online high school diplomas for adults.

  • The keystone.

The keystone school provides a standard pathway that is course by course or accelerated pathway that is for a student with more than 12 transfer credits. It is based in Bloomsburg, PA. their courses take at least 8 to 12 weeks. Also, they provide 5-6 credits to students each year. They are also accredited by AdvancED, the state board, and the commonwealth of PA.

Their tuition fee is $399 per course for the standard pathway and $1,485 for the accelerated pathway.

  • Excel school.

Excel high school provides free online high school diplomas for adults. It is based in Plymouth, MN. and they have also been licensed by AdvancED. 21.5 credit is for standard diploma and full-time is 4-6 courses per semester. Around 12 weeks take to complete such courses. Their flat monthly tuition fee is $99 for unlimited courses. They provide courses in social science, language, mathematics, world languages, health, science, electives, AP.

  • Indiana University.

Indiana University High School offers Standard Diploma Pathways and college preparation. They are also accredited by AdvancED. It is based in Bloomington, IN. through this university students must earn 10 credits at least. They have a tuition fee of $252 for each course. Here they offer the courses of science, social studies, health education, mathematics, electives, and directed electives.

  • Park City.

This online adult high school is based in Scottsdale, Az. They are also accredited by AdvancED. It has 24 credits. Through this school 6 credits at least completed.

  • Mississippi high school.

University of Mississippi High School provides free online high school diplomas for adults. It is based at the University of Mississippi. They have been accredited by AdvancED. Through this university students must complete 6.25 credits. Here, courses offered are language, mathematics, science, arts, English, social studies, health education, fine arts, business and technology, foreign languages, and others. Additionally, for one unit course, the fee is $375, for the half-unit course, it is $250 and for a 1 unit AP course it is $425 and for a half AP course, it is $300.

  • Mizzou k-12.

It is an online high school that provides free online high school diplomas for adults. Based in Columbia, MO. They have a license from AdvancED. The tuition fee is $500 for each course. Missouri and US residents may get a 50% reduction in tuition fees.

high school diploma online free laptop

free high school diploma online free laptop for adults

They offer language, mathematics, arts, English, social studies, science, health education, fine arts, practical arts, physical education, world languages, and electives.

  • Texas academy.

It is based in Arlington, Tx. It is licensed by the Texas Education Agency and AdvancED. Students who have credits between 0-11.5 have to pay $1,005 for 8 months and the students who have more than 11.5 credits have to pay $905 for 9 months. They offer courses of introduction to accounting, plumbing technology, electrical technology, business information management, and business management.

  • Orion high school.

Orion high school provides free online high school diplomas online for adults. It is situated in Midland, TX. through this school, students must complete 25% credits at least. It is being licensed by the Texas private school accreditation commission and AdvancED. Additionally, their tuition fee is $1750 for full-time annually. They may also provide you some discount on tuition based on financial need.

  • The Whitemore school.

Whitemore school is the world’s first online high school. Situated in Morgantown, WV. They have also been licensed by AdvancED. Here students can earn yearly 6 credits. For 12 months its tuition fee is $1499. It is also partnered with other high schools across the country to improve the achievements of students.

  • Middleton academy.

It is based in Woodbridge, VA. This academy serves as a resource for students for student-centered, teacher-led activities that meet the state performance standards. They have been licensed by DEAC and AdvancED. Additionally, the students are in private, public, and academic schools from grades 9 to 12th. The tuition fee for full-time is $325 and for half, it is $200.

  • Franklin virtual high school.

This school offers the courses that are completed in the best classroom that is your house. It is situated in Tallahassee, FL, and Scottsdale, AZ. They have also been licensed by AdvancED and DEAC. Its online delivery system can complement your teaching. It simply monitors your child’s learning throughout the courses he or she has taken and also provides another tutoring, curriculum, and follow-up.

These school courses are easy to learn and offer your child some attractive activities that encourage them to further their learning. Time is flexible here there is no given date for courses. Monthly its cost is $330.

  • Clintondale virtual school.

It offers unique programs that allow the students from all other high schools throughout the country to take a high school class for under 8 weeks. It is situated in Clinton Township, MI and it has also been licensed by AdvancED. Their programs are for students age 22 or over. Here you can enroll at any time throughout the year to take the benefits of their classes delivered online 24/7. Its tuition fee is between $200-$250 for each course.
How to get a free high school diploma online free laptop for adults.

Who doesn’t want to learn about how to get a free high school diploma free laptop for adults? Nowadays, we are nothing without gadgets like laptops or computers. Whether you are a freelancer, applying for a job, or trying to do some online work you need a laptop. Especially for those students who are currently learning from an online platform due to the crisis of covid-19.

As we know, everybody has their gadgets like pc or a laptop, but unfortunately, not all have. So, for such low-income people, the government provides some financial assistance that provides free high school diploma online free laptop for adults. As it is a government grant so there will be some eligibility that is set by the government and it will be considered to be qualified. so, let’s discuss their eligibility to get a free high school diploma online free laptop for adults. The applicant must visit the website of the program before applying and check this eligibility criterion.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The applicant should be a US citizen.
  2. You should have valid id proof.
  3. You should have a valid proof of address.
  4. The applicant must submit the required document which can prove their income level as a tax return or you can say your salary document, etc.


In today’s era, everyone should have their own PC because these gadgets are the primary need of today’s life. But not all are financially strong to get them; they have to be eligible first. As they are low-income, many students take a drop to earn some money so they can help or support their families, so for them, there are many free online high school diplomas for adults. I hope you get all the information you need. Thanks for reading.

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