Welcome to the exciting world of ACCESS in Medford! We have some thrilling news to share with you today. Brace yourselves, because we’re about to unveil our plans for a major expansion that will take us to new heights!

As one of the leading organizations dedicated to helping those in need, access in medford oregon has been making a difference in our community for years. And now, we are ready to take things up a notch by moving into a larger warehouse located right here in Medford.

This move is not just about finding more space; it’s about opening doors and opportunities for both ACCESS and the people we serve. So, let’s dive straight into the details and discover how this transition will revolutionize our operations!

Warehouse Expansion Plan In Medford


ACCESS, one of the leading providers of essential services in Medford, has exciting news for its customers and community. The organization is planning to move its warehouse to a larger building, doubling its current size. This expansion plan is set to bring about numerous benefits not only for ACCESS but also for the people it serves.

By moving to a bigger space, ACCESS will have the opportunity to better serve its growing customer base. With twice the amount of storage capacity, they can stock more goods and resources needed by their clients. This means faster deliveries and increased availability of essential items that are vital for individuals and families facing hardships.

In addition to serving more customers efficiently, this expansion plan also allows ACCESS to accommodate a wider range of products. Whether it’s non-perishable food items or hygiene supplies, having ample space ensures that there is room for everything needed by those who rely on ACCESS’s services.

Furthermore, with an enlarged warehouse facility comes improved logistical capabilities. The new location will be strategically positioned with easier access routes for transportation vehicles coming in and out. This optimization will result in smoother operations and quicker turnaround times when it comes to delivering aid where it’s most urgently needed.

This Warehouse Expansion Plan signifies ACCESS’s commitment towards continuous improvement and providing excellent service within the Medford community. By investing in a larger facility, they are ensuring their ability to meet evolving needs while maintaining high standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate updates on this exciting development from ACCESS!

The New Warehouse Will Be Twice The Size Of The Current One In Medford

The expansion plan for ACCESS’s new warehouse in Medford is generating quite the buzz! And it’s not without reason – this larger space will be twice the size of their current warehouse. Can you imagine the possibilities?

With a doubling in size, ACCESS will have more room to store and organize their products efficiently. This means faster delivery times and an improved overall customer experience. No more searching high and low for that one item you desperately need!

Not only will the increased square footage allow ACCESS to better serve their existing customers, but it also opens up opportunities to reach even more people. More storage capacity means they can stock a wider range of goods and cater to a larger customer base.

But let’s not forget about efficiency. A bigger facility allows for smoother operations within the warehouse itself. With designated areas for specific product categories, employees can locate items quickly and minimize any potential delays.

In addition, having double the space provides flexibility for future growth and expansion plans. As demand continues to rise, ACCESS will have ample room to accommodate additional inventory while maintaining top-notch organization standards.

So get ready folks, because with this move comes exciting changes! The new warehouse promises not only increased capacity but also improved efficiency and ultimately, enhanced service for all customers who rely on ACCESS as their trusted supplier.

The Move Will Allow Access To Serve More Customers

The move to a larger warehouse in Medford is an exciting development for ACCESS. With this expansion, the organization will be able to serve more customers than ever before. The current warehouse has reached its capacity, and a bigger space is essential to meet the growing demand.

By doubling the size of their warehouse, ACCESS will have the ability to store more inventory and stock a wider range of products. This means that they can cater to a larger customer base and provide a greater variety of goods for those in need.

Not only will the increased space allow ACCESS to serve more customers, but it will also enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Having ample room for storage and distribution processes ensures smoother operations and quicker turnaround times. This translates into faster delivery of vital resources to individuals and families who rely on ACCESS’s services.

Furthermore, with a larger warehouse, there will be opportunities for improved organization and streamlined workflows. This means better inventory management systems, easier access to supplies, and reduced chances of mistakes or delays.

Moving to a bigger facility in Medford presents numerous benefits for ACCESS. It opens up doors for growth while allowing them to keep up with rising demands from their community. By expanding their capacity through this move, they are taking significant steps towards ensuring that no one goes without essential resources during challenging times.

Risk Assessment And Mitigation

Ensuring the smooth transition to a larger warehouse is no small feat. ACCESS understands the importance of conducting a thorough risk assessment before undertaking such a significant move. By identifying potential risks and implementing effective mitigation strategies, they are taking proactive steps to minimize any potential disruptions.

One key risk that arises when relocating is logistical challenges. Moving an entire operation requires careful planning and coordination to avoid delays or damage to inventory during transportation. To mitigate this risk, ACCESS will work closely with experienced movers who specialize in handling delicate items effectively.

Another concern is the temporary disruption of services during the transition period. However, ACCESS has already devised a detailed plan to ensure minimal impact on their customers’ experience by maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process.

Additionally, increased space means more inventory and potentially higher security risks. To address this concern, ACCESS will invest in advanced security systems and protocols to safeguard their clients’ products from theft or damage.

By thoroughly assessing these risks and developing appropriate mitigation strategies, ACCESS is demonstrating their commitment to delivering uninterrupted service while expanding their capacity to better serve their customers’ needs.


The move to a larger warehouse in Medford signifies ACCESS’s commitment to meeting increased demand and providing efficient assistance. The expanded space will enable them to stock more essential supplies, ensuring a positive impact on the community. Their proactive risk assessment and mitigation strategies ensure a smooth transition. This move is a milestone in enhancing operations and improving access to vital resources for vulnerable populations, positioning them for continued growth. Congratulations to ACCESS on this significant development with the potential to make a profound difference in the community.