In the present post, we’re offering garage sale tips to help you experience great success and make more money at your next garage (or yard) sale!

The first half of this year is a tough time; we are just coming off of the holiday season, and we’re all tired and, usually, broke. It is a time of renewal, so those are two strong reasons why it is logical that you wish to have a garage sale!

And in 2020, garage sales ain’t what they were.

We have compiled the best garage sale tips that you read before you start your garage doors and rake in the dough — read more below:

10 Garage Sale Tips

1 — Make It Memorable

As I drove through a cool Atlanta neighborhood lately, I saw signs for a garage sale that made me stop and look. Why? Because every single one of these had a photograph near the peak of the flyer of a popular latest meme. That is right — I watched Spongebob heading out, the”ermahgerd!” Girl, and Baby Yoda staring solemnly at me by a wooden telephone pole.

It made me want to go to the garage sale because I felt like it was to me that these people got me, and thus the items they’d likely related directly to my pursuits. Making up a creative way to market helps you stand out.

When my family and I moved from this rental home lately we had lived in for 3 years, I set up about a few of the things we’d around for free on craigslist, Nextdoor, along with other apps. I needed to get my stuff ASAP, but per usual, I cried, and place the free stuff out in my porch the day before we needed to escape the home — and I had only found out that our spouse wanted us out a day early. Yikes!

Normally, it is possible to give things away pretty easily, but some of our things were junk — but it was crap I had difficulty throwing off, and I didn’t have time to bring it into a donation spot. So, I got creative, and wrote a funny post about how my husband and I had been using a”Millennial Moving Sale.”

Guess what? Every single last bit of my items got taken — as well as some that were not up for grabs — and we got our deposit back! Now that is what I call good saleswomanship.

2 — Make It Cheap

Sure, you might have just worn that Baby Bjorn after, and it is name-brand, but what was trendy two years ago may not be trendy today. Getting the going rate for an item that you see quite a lot of value might not be achievable. Be realistic, and take a look around.

Which type of area do you live in? Google it, and see exactly what the average household income is; even if it is below average, you may want to price your things as such as well, even if it is painful.

You may always market your stuff in other areas nearby, also — I’ve done this whenever I’ve tried to market something. Our city is varied — one block could be small, while another block could have mansions on it.

Determine which areas you want to target, for example, your own, but also make your prices honest — for both you and your customer.

garage sale

garage sale

3 — Get Timely

Make sure you decide on the right day and/or weekend, and the right time daily to have a garage sale.

Typically it is across multiple days and over the weekend, early in the morning. See what other people are doing and when they’re holding their garage sales.

4 — Collaborate

Notice how I mentioned in the preceding paragraph which you’re able to maintain a garage sale over a weekend? It’s true, and you likely should hold it within a few days, but one of the most effective ways to have eyes on your items is to hold a local sale over a weekend.

Collaborate with some other neighbors who may be interested in selling off some stuff, find a weekend that is appropriate for all of you, market, and watch the dollars roll in!

5 — Organize

I enjoy going to a simple garage sale and viewing things tidy, clearly laid out, and price. It honestly drives me bonkers when I don’t see a price on a product! It is 1 thing to tag something, “Best Offer,” but I would at least provide some context as to what you think is a fair cost for your item.

You’ll also need to arrange your tables with things. Therefore, for instance, use one table for toys, one table for clothes, one for publications or writing instruments, etc..

This way, people can make certain to head over to the ideal table that has the item that they’re searching for, and will appreciate your business skills on top of this! A happy customer is a lot more likely to lead to a purchase.

6 — Don’t Forget Cash!

Make certain you’re capable of making change. You can purchase a pouch for change at Office Max, Target, or even similar stores — they’re fairly cheap and therefore are bank bags.

On this note, make sure that you have a Square available. They are simple to secure onto your phone, and you may set up payments which way via a program — it’s the modern means to do sales! Should you use a Square though, be certain to take into consideration fees. You want to be sure to purchase things appropriately.

7 — Evidence is Okay

You may too face it — some people are going to need to haggle. It’s almost a sport for them. And you have to be fine with this! You can be firm on your prices if you want to be, but do not be insulted if somebody tries to talk you down.

8 — Be Efficient and Be Timely

No one likes it if you’re tardy to the celebration. Be certain you begin your garage sale on-time, with all your tables, things, and pricing set up. You’re sure to find some early birds — maybe even some grumpy ones — but do not stoop to their level if they try and give you an attitude.

Be certain you have all of your t’s crossed and I’m dotted, and if you say that you’re starting at 8 a.m., then begin at 8 a.m.!

9 — Add Tidbits and Tips

Want something to do while you’re waiting for customers to visit your sale? Compose tips and tidbits — even amusing — on your item tags.

Have a super comfortable sweater that you’re selling? Write it to the tag!

Hocking a really enjoyable family board game? Jot down it!

Folks like an individual touch and again, it’ll set you apart.

10 — Don’t Take Garage Sale Tips Too Seriously

Have your garage sale tips? Great! Don’t fret too much about what others say — do your garage sale your manner, and you’re sure to have a successful purchase!

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