Sober living homes, often known as halfway houses, offer an affordable housing option for those who are recovering from addictions to alcohol and drugs addicts. The majority of them receive funding from the government However, certain private foundations grant grants to cover the costs of running homes as well as to assist residents with their costs of living.

Sober Living Foundation


The Sober Living Foundation provides monthly costs for living expenses for those who live in sober living homes that are approved by the Sober Living Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization. Sober Living Foundation receives funding from families, religious groups as well as community members. In the year 2010, these grants are geographically restricted in the American Southeast, including Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina.

The grants for sober living homes@# foundation is hoping to expand the geographic scope in the near future. Homeowners who have been approved to apply for the foundation must do so through the foundation and complete an online class with the foundation. The foundation will reimburse homes up to $700 per month. This is maximum of 12 months for each resident.

Sonora Area Foundation

The Sonora Area Foundation provides grants each year to support Tuolumne County.Grant amounts differ each year. The grant-granting programs are operated by non-profit organizations and have strong support from the community behind the grant. The application deadline is on the third Tuesday in February March, April, and August. October, and December. The board will look over each proposal. In 2010 Sonora Foundation awarded the We Care Sober Living Home $10,000.

United Way is a foundation that helps local communities financially with grants. They provide grants to local communities. United Way provides grants in various amounts to groups that offer services to the community. This includes sober living centers across the nation. For more information, contact your nearest United Way office.